Thousands of Mornings


Thousands of Mornings is a varied collection of poetry and photography. “Thousands of Mornings” is the first poem in the collection, written when Amanda Leigh was 20. The poems range from things she wrote at the age of 12 to the age of 20. Horses, family, friends, love. And then when she started experimenting a bit more with her poetry she wrote a couple of poems in dual point of view; “Broken Boys” and “Long Distance Call”. The photography ranges from age 17 to age 20. If you asked Amanda to pick one theme for this collection she doesn’t think that she could put her finger on it. It is a collection about love, faith, friends, family, hope, nature and dreams. It is about our Thousands of Mornings and how we should cherish them.

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Praise for Thousands of Mornings:

Beautiful and charismatic! Thousands of Mornings is originally and moving! I’ve never been one to love poetry, but Amanda’s poems have captured my heart! There is a tenderness to each poem that even when I turn back to a page, I find something new and captivating from the first time I read it! This is a collection that everyone should add to their shelves!! ~ Jennifer Weiser, author of The Touched (The Descendants, book one)

Wonderful collection of poetry and photographs. I enjoy owning books that I can open up and re-read a passage and find something new and beautiful each time I read. I really enjoyed how open, deep, and romantic Amanda’s poetry is. ~ Ryan Ringbloom, author of the Fast Series, the Flaw Series, Books, Blogs and Reality, Fake Boobs and Hooker Heels