Things Only the Darkness Knows


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~ A collection of horror stories and poems by eleven authors and poets ~
Limited edition eBook (special preorder price of 99c)

Have you ever wondered what goes bump in the night? Or what goes through the minds of cold-blooded killers? You can find out in this collection of dark and controversial stories and poems.

Trigger warning: Some of these stories contain graphic violence, murder, suicide, and strong language.

Over twenty frightening and brutally honest short stories and poems. Not for the faint of heart.

My Stories:

Eyewitness: She saw something she never should have. Will she live to tell the tale?

Bloodlust: (Ties into my Beauty of the Dark series.) He had a family, friends, a life. Until he was turned. Now he only wants one thing: blood. And he will do anything to get it.

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