My 2018 Goals!!

I think that anyone who knows me (really knows me) knows that I am a goal oriented person. I’m not sure when that started but I am. I would always try to make New Year’s Resolutions. They would never work, by the way. They were always far too general. Then I found a blog post … More My 2018 Goals!!

Update Number One

I’ve decided to try and switch up some things. I used to have a book blog, a personal blog and then this page on my website. Based on the advice and insights of a few of my good author friends I put together my own version of their advice and switched up the way I’m … More Update Number One

New Look (Sort Of)

So, I decided to give the website a little bit of an overhaul. You’ll notice there are less pages in the menu. I’m trying out something new. I’ll see how I like it and see if things need more modifying. In full disclosure I am not naturally technologically inclined. I was pretty much forced to … More New Look (Sort Of)