So, after I posted the cover for Burned, a friend of mine from high school pointed out that I was missing a word in my blurb. Oh, crap!! I sent a message to a friend of mine saying how embarrassed I was. Yes, it made me cringe. I’m surprised I didn’t catch it before. But no one else I showed it to early caught it either. I guess that’s a good thing? It means the cover is really awesome. So awesome no one caught onto the mistake. That’s both good and bad.

I wish that this hadn’t happened but it did. Well, things happen sometimes. I’m just glad someone caught it before I ordered the proof of the book. Now I will e-mail my cover designer asking if she can fix the error. Again, I wish this hadn’t happened. I guess I was staring at the screen too long? But hey, we’re human. Even authors, who often don’t seem human…

Anyway, I will get that fixed up. Thanks for understanding!! And here is the correct blurb below:

Just when it seems things can’t get worse…they do.

When Kiara wakes up as a vampire, she knows things will never be the same. Her best friend is dead and the demon that killed her is still out there somewhere. They’re back to square one and Kiara’s newfound thirst hovers over everything they do. The hostility between Trent and Kaleib still brews just below the surface. Will Kiara hold it together or will she lose control? Will her new thirst be too much?

Kiara blames Trent for Sarah’s death and hates herself every time she feels something for him. Their budding trust is tested. Despite everything, he tries to be there for her. By her bedside when she wakes, helping her figure out how to tell her godparents what she is now, even staying in her house when she can’t sleep.

When Kiara’s dreams are plagued with visions of Sarah threatening her, Kaleib and Trent say that it’s coincidence. Her mind dealing with the loss. But as the visions come while she’s awake, it looks less like coincidence and more like something sinister.

Is it her anger over Sarah’s untimely death or is it something more? Something dangerous?

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