Welcome to Escape, Colorado

A while ago I asked a friend of mine, Erin Lee (you might know her 😉 ) if she knew of any anthologies. She gave me a few suggestions but then told me about this project. Something she said that was even better that she was working on with two other authors (Sara Schoen and Taylor Henderson.) The Escape From Reality Series. A multi-author, multi-genre series spanning three years. I was lucky enough to be asked if I wanted to be part of this project. I accepted and am honored and excited to be part of this project! So here is some information about this new series! The Escape From Reality Series! (On the home page of my site there is a link right to the series’ website. You can sign up for our newsletter on the site, as well.)

Escape From Reality is a three-year, 20-author, multi-genre series with something for everyone to escape into.

Welcome to Escape Colorado. A small town surrounded by the trees and nuzzled into the mountains.

There’s beautiful water areas and hot springs that are said to hold the cure all for any sickness. And beautiful hiking trails for everyone to visit at all skill levels.

For outsiders, who don’t know its history, it also holds a lot of promise….

Here are the books that are already available and one available for pre-order!! My book will come out in December 2018. But don’t let that stop you from checking out these other titles. Just click on the titles below to be taken to their Amazon pages. And be sure to check out the site, Facebook page and Facebook group for fans!! (Links below.)


Rescue Me by Sara Schoen

Phat by Taylor Henderson

Greener by Erin Lee

Break Free to Deceive by Rose Silverstone

Carnage & Desire by Lola Kyle



Facebook Page

Facebook Group


Escape with us!!

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